From as early as our late twenties, we lose up to 1.5% of collagen in our skin every year. Tria’s face care kit is able to reverse this undesired process by sending targeted beams of light deep below the skin’s surface to the area where collagen and elastin are formed, accelerating and transforming the skin’s natural rejuvenation process. The Tria Smooth Beauty™ Laser has been cleared by the FDA to be safe and effective for use on the entire face as well as being suitable for all types and tones of skin. As with diamond peeling the Tria Smooth Beauty™ Laser reduces the appearance of the noticeable signs of aging leaving you with naturally looking younger skin.

The Tria Smooth Beauty™ Laser was created while working closely together with dermatologists and plastic surgeons. The device utilizes the same technology as professional in-office treatments better known as “fractional non-ablative laser treatments”. Microscopic areas of cellular disruption are created by beams of light which penetrate the skin without disturbing the surface layer. This in turn triggers the skin’s natural healing process as the body’s production of collagen begins to rapidly heal the treated areas. The skin resurfacing leaves behind fewer imperfections while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles resulting in more radiant, refreshed and youthful skin.

I bought the Tria about four years ago and it works great for fine lines and wrinkles. I am also really pleased with the overall glowing appearance of my skin. I do about a twelve-week routine once a year, no my secret is out.

Angie / September 2, 2015

I have been using this since I bought it in February 2017 and can really see the difference. Some of my friends have commented on my pictures on Facebook and even at weddings and other events, very happy.

Doug / February, 2017

I was sure that with no down-time I wouldn’t be able the achieve the results I have. I had a lot of sun damage from years of sailing. How wrong I was! You can really see the improvement, even my 13-year-old agrees

Shelly / August 1, 2018

I’m in my 30’s and had been looking for something that could help with some wrinkling around the side of my mouth. I’m at the end of my first 12-week cycle, there is a noticeable improvement!

Emily / July 21, 2019

This machine is doing a great job although I’m tiny and it is a bit heavy for me but I like it a lot.

Lexie / January 14, 2019

Used it 4 times and already have great results. I’m happy with the machine and with your customer support.

Karen / March 1, 2019
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Tria Smooth Beauty is a professional at-home device that uses Non-Ablative Fractional Laser Technology. This energy stimulates collagen production, in the same manner as the clinic or spas treatment.

The beams of light penetrate the skin, disrupting cells, and at the same time allowing the natural skin healing process to occur, thus stimulating collagen production. With this new collagen production, the skin is smoother and healthier.

The Tria Smooth Beauty has been tested and is cleared by the FDA for safe use on the entire face and with every skin type and tone.

The recommended treatment is 5 times a week for 12 weeks. You can always return to this 12-week cycle when you feel needed.

You might feel mild discomfort, some say like a warming feeling or a stinging one. With each session, this feeling will diminish. Always start with the lower level to allow your skin to adjust the treatment, and once you up the level, you can always lower it back in case it feels too strong.

The Tria Smooth Beauty is FDA cleared for all skin types and tones. Although, do not use it if you’re under 18; if you’re pregnant, consult with your doctor before using it. Same goes for anyone undergoing cosmetic treatment of any sort, or have any skin condition.

First of all, most important do not use it on your eye, eyelids or eye sockets. There are 4 treatment zones. 1 and 2 are your cheeks – left and right sides, 3 is your forehead, and 4 is the chin and mouth area (not over the lips but around it).

In about 2 weeks into the treatment, you should start seeing visible results, smoother skin, and following the cycle, you’ll see fewer lines and wrinkles.

The best time to do the treatment would be in the evening before bedtime, this way the redness can sooth out and the skin renewal process can occur overnight.

You should always prep your skin before any facial treatment, making sure any makeup, creams or impurities won’t interfere with the treatment.

The device should not be used in the skin where you have tattoos or permanent make-up.