Tria Precision – A New Epilating Way

Tria Precision device

The Tria Laser Precision is the ideal solution to permanently removing unwanted hair from those problematic areas on the face and body. The elegantly designed Tria Precision has a perfectly shaped handle and laser-head which allow the device to accurately target hairs in those hard to reach areas.

The device fits comfortably into the palm of your hand enabling the small, elongated circular head to precisely follow the delicate contours of your face and body, leaving you with perfect smooth skin. This compact at-home device, which is FDA cleared, will allow you to achieve the best results for those troublesome areas giving you safe, fast and permanent results.

The Tria Precision is the only IPL laser hair removal at-home device that features diode lasers which deactivate the hair follicle by targeting the melanin found at the root of the hair without causing damage to the surrounding area of skin.

The Tria Precision portable laser hair removal device utilizes the same core diode laser technology used in professional laser hair removal offices to permanently disable your hair’s ability to regrow hair. This allows you to achieve lasting results in the convenience and privacy of your own home, saving you both time and money that would have been spent on having the more expensive in-office hair removal treatment.

Tria Precision device

Clinical studies and FDA


The perfectly designed Tria Laser Precision has successfully undergone vigorous and comprehensive clinical studies and has been approved by leading dermatologists. In addition, the Tria Precision has been cleared for safe and effective use by the FDA. The Tria Precision has been trialed, tested and checked so that you can confidently and safely use the device and enjoy its unrivaled comfortable and harmless treatment results.

I received the device quicker than estimated and started using it as instructed. During some of the sessions, I could feel a mild sensation on some of the treatment areas but nothing too uncomfortable with no issues after treatment. The results come with repeated use over time; I am impressed on the whole.

Shelly, USA

I bought the product to help me get rid of some really stubborn chin hair and it worked so well that I also used it on my bikini line too. I tried the different settings and you can definitely feel the difference! It took longer than I thought, but I’m very happy with the results.

Anita, Canada

My Tria Precision has worked really well on the hairs on my upper lip and chin. I have been using it for 3 months and you can clearly see fewer facial hair. I have white skin and medium brown hair which can be easily treated by the device, I think is it important to make sure that the Tria Precision can work on your skin tone and hair color before purchasing.

Dina, Boston

Well, I decided to buy the Tria Precision after I got tired of salon hair removal treatments, the traveling to appointments and expense really started to bug me! I only had small areas left to deal with and I have to say that I wish I had discovered it sooner. Like I said I only used it on small areas like under my arms and upper lip, and I can confirm that the results are lasting.

Nikky, Seattle


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Frequently asked questions

Tria Laser Precision is the lightest and slimmest device, specially designed to treat small and sensitive areas, as underarms and bikini area. Perfect for quick treatments.

Each battery charge takes about 30 minutes. This loading time in treatment allows the treatment of a large area, such as the leg, or small areas, such as the armpits and the bikini line.

The Tria Precision Laser device has been clinically tested and approved and released by the FDA for safe use in the indicated skin types and tones.

The recommended treatment time is every 2 weeks for best results. This is because this protocol seeks to reach the hair follicle growth cycle at the appropriate time. For permanent results, keep this treatment window until the result is achieved.

The Tria Precision Laser is designed to work on naturally brown to black hair in the desired areas. Because it works with the dark pigmentation of the hair, light colors like white, blond, red or even gray may not absorb the laser energy in a satisfactory way to disable the hair follicle. Always check the hair tone in the area to be treated, as there may be a difference between different areas of the body.

The Tria Precision, although approved by the FDA, is not recommended for children under 18. There are no laser studies in children and it can cause damage to the skin.

After the treatment there may be a slight redness on the skin, which will dissipate within 24 hours of the treatment. You will see a difference in hair growth, or they will start to fall out or be thinner and lighter. Continue treatment regularly. After 3 months, you should see permanent results, but each person reacts differently, so keep the treatment until you reach the desired results.

The device should not be used on skin where you have tattoos or permanent makeup, or where skin tone is darker than normal tone. Consider not only tattoos, but birthmarks, dark spots, large freckles and / or warts. Dark skin can absorb a lot of laser light and hurt the skin.