TriPollar Stop – At Home Facial Anti Age Device

The new revolutionary easy to use at home Tripollar Stop Facial Renewal System is specifically designed to produce long lasting youthful looks.
Tripollar uses non-invasive anti-ageing technology, whilst providing a relaxing treatment, creating noticeable clinical resault starting the very first treatment.
The device significantly reduces fine lines and wrinkles together with improving  skin looks and texture.

TriPollar Stop Treatment Customer Reviews

stars In just a few short weeks I started noticing a stark difference to my skins complexion, something I did not expect. Naturally I was nervous to try it and slightly reluctant to pay for the device but I then realized it's pretty much the cost of 2 facial treatments in a regular. Read More >>

starsMy skin is softer and smoother after using it. It is obvious that there is a change in the skin texture or maybe that’s my pore size reducing. Bear in mind you have to be Read More >>

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Enjoy Spa Grade Technology at Home!


The clinically proven Tripollar Stop™ device therapeutically warms the the skin deepest layers in order to  stimulate the production of collagen. This leads to amazing results as the skin is regenerated and elasticity is restored. The skin becomes visibly firmer and tighter and completely renewed. The Tripollar Stop™ device treatment regimen takes between 12 to 15 minutes a day and just 2 to 3 times a week for about 6 - 8 weeks. This regimen will dramatically reduce wrinkles & fine lines whilst providing long lasting and improved skin texture you will adore.

Simple Treatments - Incredible Results

Tripollar Stop™:  Non-Invasive Wrinkle Reduction Treatment Providing Visibly Clear Results

95% - Immediate results and extremely satisfied
91% - Very satisfied and experienced long term results
86.39% - Facial Skin-lifting effect started from the first session
77.3% - Had Noticed noticeableskin skin texture improvement
64.62% - Smoothness improved in skin and reduced wrinkles & fine lines

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