Sensica Sensilift – Groundbreaking Skin Tightening and Anti-wrinkle Treatment

The treatment is non-invasive and uses Dynamic RF™ technology.  After just a single use, Sensilift dramatically improves your skin’s elasticity and collagen production to expose smoother, tighter and more radiant looking skin.

Thanks to Sensilift’s Dynamic RF™ technology, the traditional approach to skin rejuvenation has been revolutionized. So, what is our secret? It is Sensilift’s exceptional dual action process: multiple layers of skin are simultaneously penetrated by the radio waves from the clinically proven Dynamic RF™ technology while the fingers of the device are moved gradually across the skin.

This powerful process maximizes the success of the treatment, allowing numerous RF™ waves to evenly penetrate a wider range of layers of skin. Collagen stimulation will be experienced even after just the first treatment, resulting in skin rejuvenation plus visibly tighter and youthful skin.

Dynamic RF technology by Sensica
Dynamic RF waves Sensica Sensilift

Clinically proven, the Sensilift RF™ technology has been taken to a new level and transformed in to the advanced Dynamic RF™. This innovative and enhanced skin rejuvenation system is built using Radio Frequency technology which is regularly used to restore a more glowing youthful look by lessening and smoothing-out fine lines and wrinkles.

Collagen fibers, which are usually found in the skin tissue dermal layers, are gently penetrated by the RF waves. The elasticity of the skin is improved when the collagen fibers are warmed up to the correct and safe temperature. This, in turn, stimulates the skin’s production of collagen, leaving you with radiant, refreshed and youthful-looking skin, without the downtime and expense of a professional clinic.

What can I say? I wasn’t convinced at first, it is hard to tell when wrinkles gradually get shallower but after a few timely compliments and a quick check on past photos I can confidently say the Sensilift has considerably improved the signs of my aging skin. There is a younger glow to my face, very satisfied.

Claire, Toronto

My mother got me using Sensilift and my skin has looked a lot smoother and tighter ever since then. I followed the instructions to the letter and used it once a week for two months. I now just use my Sensilift every month to maintain. It is actually quite relaxing while I go over the treatment areas and the results speak for themselves.

Lisa, USA

I spend a lot of time sailing and hiking and started to get down about my annoying crow’s feet. I wasn’t about to give-up my passions so I tried all sorts of creams and eye-wear but they didn’t really improve the situation so I decided to look for a solution elsewhere. I came across this site by chance and after chatting with their helpful customer service I went ahead and purchased a Sensica Sensilift. It arrived within no time and after a few weekly sessions I could really notice the improvement. My crow’s feet haven’t completely disappeared but I can gladly live with the improvement!

Jenny, Brighton

I would certainly recommend the Sensilift to anyone looking to improve the telling signs of aging. I have been using it for a while now and I am delighted with how it has made my skin look naturally younger. I use it mainly on my cheeks and fine lines, you can really notice the difference. It arrived quickly and I have had no issues with the device, the treatment gel takes a little getting used to but well worth it.

Tracey, Colorado

Frequently Asked Questions

Sensilift by Sensica is a professional anti-aging at-home device that uses Dynamic RF Technology, which in turn stimulates collagen and elastin production.

Sensilift is a pain-free and non-invasive device, working to restore your skin through dual acting massage and Radio Frequency (RF) technology, which stimulates circulation, thus allowing heat waves to reach deep into your skin layers where collagen forms.

Yes, the Sensilift anti-wrinkle device has been tested and approved by the FDA for safety standards for home use. Always refer to the User Guide before using the device, for safe instructions.

Use once a week for 8 weeks, on each area. Once the treatment cycle is over, perform maintenance treatments every 4-8 weeks for long-term results.

It doesn’t hurt. The correct use of Sensilift may give a warm and relaxed sensation on the treated area.

Although FDA approved, this device is not yet recommended for male use. 

This is a wrinkle reduction and elasticity renewal device, so it should be used in areas such as crow’s feet, cheeks, around your mouth, chin and jawline.

After the first treatment you may see results, but keep the consistency and the treatment cycle for best results. Refer to the User Guide.for recommendations.

Dynamic RF™ Technology combines advanced radio frequency (RF) with electrode fingers on constant move across the skin, enabling the RF waves to reach deep skin layers, stimulating collagen and elastin production.

Sensilift – RF Anti-Wrinkle Device


This powerful, cutting-edge Dynamic RF technology that rejuvenates your skin is now available for at home use. It absolutely improves your skin’s elasticity, revealing after one single use a more radiant and smoother skin. It has effective lasting results. Sensica has the most advanced RF technology for wrinkle reduction in the market today. It’s safe to use due to its unique double-safety mechanism.

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