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Me Touch - Permanent Hair Removal, At Home System

MeMyElos is the safest technological treatment for at home hair removal. Elōs technology uniquely combines RF and IPL pulses - two targeted energies enables better results that are achieved with not only a lower energy output but with the highest level of comfort and safety. Normal activities can be resumed immediately after treatment. What makes elōs technology so unique is that it can treat the widest range of skin and hair colors so that more people can benefit from its uses.

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starsI found the instructions guide easy to understand though I did have a couple of questions regarding whether or not to shave or epilate. I contacted the Beautiful-online call center and they were very helpful in  Read More >>

stars When I heard about the me touch I was very excited to give it a try. I really don’t have the time or money to spend in clinics, I'm a 34 year old with kids running round so busy is an Read More >>

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Clinical trials have proven the recommended treatment method promises the best results with the fastest way to permanently smoothen skin. Using the device less often than once a week produces varied results, though it is never too late to return to the suggested guidelines. It is recommended to perform a treatment at 1 week intervals until the desired hair growth reduction is achieved (note that if a large break is taken the program should be restarted). The mē can be used for touch-ups whenever you feel necessary once the hair re-growth has been permanently reduced.

Simple Treatments - Astounding Results

Be aware that hair reduction will not be noticed straight away unless the epilator or shaver attachment is used. Usually, users are aware of hair loss within one week of their third or fourth treatment where less and less hair growth will be noticed.