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Why Winter Is the Perfect Time for Skin Treatments

The winter weather can have many downfalls when it comes to beauty. Dry skin and chapped lips to name a few, but few people know that winter is in fact the perfect beauty opportunity when it comes to permanent hair removal and certain skin treatments.

You may be wondering why this frosty time of year is the perfect time – let us enlighten you. Light based systems such as the Silkn hair removal devices and the Me Touch use light energy pulses to lock onto hair follicles and disable hair growth. Most systems work best on dark hair combined with light skin and since there is far less sun exposure during the winter, the skin tends to be fairer as summer tans fade away. The Me Touch is unique in that it can work on tanned and darker skin tones though like all other IPL (intense pulsed light) methods it is still far more effective on lighter skin.

During hair removal treatments such as these it is advised to stay as far away as possible from the harsh rays of the sun. Exposure to the sun can delay and sometimes even ruin the process of treatment and leave you far away from those expected results.

As well as hair removal, skin rejuvenation treatments such as peeling and microdermabrasion techniques are perfect for use in the winter. Using microdermabrasion treatments such as the Glo-me can leave the skin slightly more sensitive than usual making winter the perfect time to avoid the sun. It is however advised to wear sunscreen after using such treatments (even in the winter) to keep the skin fully protected and to reap the best results. Sun exposure without sufficient protection can affect the process and even potentially be damaging to the skin. 

Here at Beautiful Online we provide the latest home use technology when it comes to permanent hair removal and skin treatments. We are committed to providing our customers with the beautiful skin they desire from the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

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