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What You Need to Know About Upper Lip Hair Removal

If there’s one thing that might bother you on that great outfit you’re wearing, or just by staring at the mirror on a regular day, it’s that peach fuzz looking right back at ya! Clearly, there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of fur here and there, face or bodywise, but if that one pointy thing looks at you all the time, here are some hair removal options you can use to send it away, and some of them are even permanent, or at least for a very long term.


Pretty easy to work with, it’s quick, painless, and as for the job done, it only removes the surface hair, which tends to grow back slightly darker and pretty much fast, so you’ll be on it about every fortnight. Make sure you have a soothing cream, as your skin might get a little red.


Have you got your tweezers on your hands yet? The most common house supply, and all you have to do is just grab and pull it. Of course, this works best for very small areas, and make sure to keep your tweezers clean and dry.


Although a very common technique, it’s wiser to use a professional here in order to avoid burns or scabs by doing it at home. If you’re not a big fan of pain, and know your pain threshold well, it can go either way, unpleasantly unbearable or just a tug. Thing is, with waxing you’re free for the next 3 weeks-month, and the cost is not far from threading’s. Some areas will be more sensitive to it than other, and if you keep it on a regular basis, the pain lessens. Bare in mind though this method might not be for you, as waxing can cause on your skin. Or, else, you could use WAX STRIPS, that are less painful, faster and it lasts longer.


Well, shaving is common in all other body parts, but the face, yet many women still chose this as a hair removal method. Breaking the myth that it grows thicker, it just feels pricklier do to the razor cut, make sure to do it while in the shower or right after it, to help the skin to sooth together with a proper hydrating moisturizer.


A simple method, this technique requires a thin, double cotton thread and some talented hands to work it out. It’s cost-effective for itself, considering the time it takes one to do it and the hair to grow back, plus you do have to enjoy a slightly uncomfortable pulling of hair. If you done the eyebrows, then you’re good for the upper lip. This does cause some redness in the skin, so make sure to sooth the area. Threading works great for smaller areas such as upper lip, eyebrows, cheeks, and you might want to avoid any possible ingrown hairs by gently exfoliating the skin.

Master corrects makeup, gives shape and thread plucks eyebrows in a beauty salon. Professional care for face and eyebrows.


Now, if you’re aiming for the long run, a more permanent or long lasting solution, then IPL or laser home devices should definitely be on top of your list. Today, you can easily find at home devices with a great semi-permanent hair removal result. You need to work on it, it won’t be done in one single treatment, but it’s faster and easier to make it at the comfort of your home, when it’s the perfect timing for you, and not having to book treatments on clinics or spas. A basic treatment takes about 3-6 month, after that, you will work on the maintenance when necessary. For some people, it might grow back though finer, and for others, they’re gone. One important thing to bear in mind is the skin and hair tones. You have to look for the device that works best for you skin tone and hair color. They usually have charts and you can definitely read some reviews on this regard, plus it’s FDA cleared. As for the pain, it actually doesn’t hurt, you might feel a warm feeling – due to treatment levels, so you can also select the proper one for you here, and a snap. Those are the most cost-effective treatments, at the convenience of your sofa, and at the freedom of your own schedule. You can apply the treatment in all parts of your body, face included, with exception of your eyelids and the surrounding areas. Now, you must shave before treatment, not wax it, for a better result, and go back on the treatment every two weeks until the desired results. And most importantly, ALWAYS use the kit as per instructions.

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