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Want to Banish Cellulite? Take an Ice Bath….

Everyone dreams of having the smoothest skin and being cellulite free but sometimes no matter what we do we cannot change the cards we’ve been dealt…or can we?

Ice Baths

Baths are meant to be relaxing but an ice bath is far from that! However, an ice bath is thought to stimulate blood circulation and even flush waste products as well as reduce swelling. This is why the ice bath is so common amongst sporting athletes, as the bath helps the muscles to recover and reduce swelling. This means less to no pain caused by muscle soreness the next day. But who knew that this can also help to banish cellulite?! A better blood flow means that more oxygen and nutrients are pumped to the skin’s surface thus improving it’s appearance and texture, it can even boost your mood! Okay, so the mood boosting only comes after the bath, your going to have to grit your teeth for a freezing 5 minutes to get the best effects .

Hot, Cold, Hot, Cold

If you can’t face jumping into an ice bath, you can try the German technique of ‘kneipping’ where they alternate between cold and hot showers. Alternating between hot and cold is an age-old practice so it must be good for something! 

So how does it work?
Cooling the body temporarily slows the circulation of blood. This means that when you switch back to a hot shower (or step out of an ice bath) the blood flow increases once again improving circulation. A bit like opening up a dam and the water comes flooding in. Not only does this help to alleviate fluid retention which helps in smoothening out cellulite but it also stimulates collagen, keeping your skin young and healthy.


  • Promotes healthier skin
  • Decreases cellulite
  • Lower’s blood pressure
  • Increases mood
  • Improves muscle tone (if performed after a workout as many sportsmen do)

If taking an ice bath, make sure to not overexpose! Make sure to do your research and check the water temperature. 6 minutes should be more than enough (if you can last that long!) Unless you are supervised by an expert, do not exceed 10 minutes!

Not willing to take the Plunge? Try THIS instead

If ice baths and cold showers aren’t your thing why not try a skin tightening method that isn’t quite as uncomfortable as freezing cold water…
The Silk’n Lipo Solo device is a totally painless skin tightening and cellulite removal device. In fact, many compare the device to that of a ‘relaxing massage’. The FDA approved device works by increasing collagen generation with a unique heat that causes the skin to tighten, immediately improving the appearance of cellulite as well as reducing fat in the process!

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