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Want Glowing Skin Like These Celebs? Get All the Details on Their Favorite Treatments

Copious numbers of celebs have admitted to using Botox, including the likes of Nicole Kidman, the Kardashians and Renée Zellweger to name a few. The unsightly procedure injects chemicals into the skin to prevent the muscles from moving, often leading to that stunned frozen look we so often see. More and more celebs have been replacing Botox with other non-invasive anti-aging treatments. So what exactly are they using?

Lisa Harris, a beauty therapist explains that Botox is a short term treatment method that in the long run can actually cause damage. She clarifies that collagen enhancement methods, such as radiofrequency and collagen wave does not freeze muscles and promises much longer-lasting effects.

She said: “It gives you an even skin tone, helps to smooth the pores out and prevents the aging process by encouraging skin to produce collagen”. Most customers complete a course of 3-10 treatments, costing a whopping $215 to $450 per session! Of course the price range depends on the spa, and some spas charge a hell of a lot more! With no down-time, one can walk in and out of sessions, with no pain or no scarring. The non-invasive treatment allows you to return to your daily life straight away. One downer is of course the cost! But plenty of home use RF devices are available on the market for us mere mortals.

With this kind of appeal, it’s no wonder that radio frequency (RF) treatments are attracting a wide array of celebs. RF can be used on the face to diminish the signs of aging (minimize wrinkles and tighten the skin) as well as used on the body to reduce cellulite and tighten all those saggy bits we love to hate.

So Who’s Using RF Treatments?

Cara Delevingne

One of the world’s leading current super models, Miss Delevingne is a big fan of radio frequency technology. Cara says of the treatment ‘You come out with plump skin because it helps to create collagen.’ Often using it during shows as her skin worsens due to the travelling involved.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth is very open about her love for radiofrequency treatments. With little to no time away from the spotlight it’s no wonder these stars feel pressure to look their absolute best 24/7. 

Rachel Weisz, Julianne Moore, and Naomi Watts

These 3 stunning ladies are all fans of New York micro current pioneer Joanna Vargas’s, Triple Crown facials. At $400 a session you would expect these treatments to be worthwhile – and that they are! The Triple Crown uses RF technology giving a lifted look that ‘wakes up’ the muscles and tightens them. Vargas admits “I do my best work when I can treat people over a period of time”. As with any RF technology treatment, a number of sessions are needed to achieve the best results, though this doesn’t mean you won’t see anything the first time either!

Mel B and Amanda Holden

These two celebrities have admitted to using collagen wave therapy which also works by blitzing the skin with RF waves. Holden said that “For the last three years I haven’t bothered [with Botox] and have instead been having collagen wave facials. It’s done amazing things to my face.”

Tulisa Contostavlos

The singer confessed that collagen wave therapy using RF tech is responsible for her astonishingly smooth forehead.

And the best thing about RF treatments? No down time, no pain and with using a home use device, these machines are highly affordable! Sign me up!

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