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Vamp up Your Beauty Routine in Time for Fall

Is your Skin Autumn Ready?

Be it summer, winter, spring or autumn, our skin needs different types of loving care and attention throughout the year. As our skins’ needs change from season to season, it is important to keep up to keep it glowing and fresh all year round. 
Autumn is the perfect time to renew your skin and help it to recover from the environmental aggressions it had to deal with over summer– namely the harsh summer sun and to also prepare it for the harsher climate of winter just around the corner.

Typical Autumn Skin Issues: dry, rough, dehydrated and dull skin


1. Switch up You Cleansing Routine

Your summer cleanser was likely very light, as the weather becomes drier and cooler we advise switching to a creamier and gentler cleanser that will be able to add more moisture to your thirsty skin. 
Make sure to check the ingredients and try to steer clear from heavy metals (such as chlorine and fluorine) as these disturb the skin’s slightly acidic pH balance. 
Add a slightly acidic toner to finish up your cleansing routine that will guarantee a balanced skin pH. You could even vamp your routine with a professional cleansing brush such as the Silk’n Dual Clean to make sure you are really cleaning those pores!

2. Exfoliate

It is perfectly normal to have a buildup of dead skin cells left behind from the harsh summer sun. To rid your skin of this cellular buildup effectively, now would be the perfect time to start microdermabrasion treatments. By using a facial microdermabrasion tool you will be able to thoroughly exfoliate the skin with a professional spa grade device in the comfort of your own home, encouraging younger skin cells to come to the surface literally giving you glowing and more youthful looking skin. The Glo-me microdermabrasion device does exactly that.

3. Tailor Your Moisturizer

Your skin needs a richer moisturizer to help repair summer damage and prepare for the coming winter. Switch up your moisturizer to include emollients (particularly at night!) to keep the skin elasticated and more importantly; hydrated.

4. Shield Your Skin

It’s a real shame that with all of the research we have pointing the main cause of aging skin to the sun, that many still do not use sunscreen daily. If anything, out of every step of your beauty routine, sunscreen is the most important. Not just for preventing the signs of aging but also for aid in skin cancer prevention.
Although the sun’s rays are less intense this time of year, they are far from non-damaging. Make sure you continue to protect your skin against the harmful UV rays with an SPF of at least 15.

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