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The Link between Veggies and Glowing Skin

We all know the saying ‘you are what you eat’ but never was there a time where we knew so much about food to the point where we can now determine which foods will give our skin a healthy glow! If you want to look even more beautiful and sport a healthy glow, it’s simple; eat sweet potato.

Foods that contain Carotenoids give the skin a fresh glow, so much so, that research has shown that high consumption meant subjects were perceived as 86% more attractive than those with a tan!

Anti-Oxidant Power

Carotenoids hold excellent anti-oxidant powers playing a role in reducing skin redness as well as highly reducing the effects of sun damage. Sun damage is one of, if not the number 1 factor that leads to aging skin. So if eating more sweet potatoes can actually reduce these effects then you can pass us the sweet potato mash.

Brighten Skin

Vegetables containing carotenoids increase the yellow and orangey tones in the skin to visibly brighten it without darkening the complexion. The higher the Beta-carotene in the food the better!

Fight Cancer

Foods high in carotene have also been found to help protect against certain cancers.

Eat Fats For Better Results

Carotene is a fat soluble vitamin, in other words this means that by eating foods high in carotene and combining them with a fat such as olive oil or nuts can actually help with the absorption of the vitamin! This just goes to show that fats can be good, and everything is healthy in moderation!

Try these foods to give your skin a healthy glow: 

FoodBeta-carotene per 100g (μg)
Spices (Chili, Paprika, Cayenne)26,162
Sweet Potato (Baked)11,509
Kale (Frozen, Cooked)8,823
Carrots (Cooked)8,332
Romaine Lettuce5,226
Squash (Butternut Cooked)4,570
Cantaloupe Melon (Yellow)2,020

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