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Taming Cellulite

getting rid of cellulite

The Secret to Banishing Cellulite for Good!

With summer approaching, one item we certainly do not want to see on the menu is the dreaded ‘C’ word – for cellulite. Unfortunately we don’t have much say in the matter; cellulite affects a whopping 90% of women (and 10% of men). The unsightly bumps can prove a massive downer for numerous women, especially as bikini season approaches, nonetheless two things are certain; cellulite is only natural and secondly, it CAN be tamed!

Cellulite is linked to both genetic, hormonal and lifestyle causes. It is an unfair and ill-fated fact of life for many women. To try and shift the lumpy ‘orange-peel’ skin comes through proper diet and exercise, manual massage and strong determination. There are of course many cellulite removal creams that claim to be the bee’s knees, but in reality no lotion or potion (unless it contains coffee – we’ll get to this later), are going to help. Better keep your cash in your pocket and if you are going to spend it, only spend it on scientifically proven cellulite removal treatments.

So what can YOU do?

1) Nice Knowing You Salt & Sugar

Genetics play a huge role, but the amount and visibility of your cellulite is greatly affected by the food that passes your lips. If you think that diet doesn’t affect your cellulite, sadly you are wrong! And here’s why: Sugar is stored in your fat cells and actually causes them to expand! By reducing, better yet, eliminating sugar from your diet you will be doing a great deal of good!

Sodium causes water retention, which is something that can make cellulite even more prominent – so go easy on the salt!

2) Plant Power

Many people don’t realize that there are many plants that can help the body to burn fat and reduce the appearance of cellulite (say what?!). Chlorophyll bearing green plants contain the magical compound ‘fucoxanthin’ to help shred fat. Good choices are Kale and brown seaweed (specifically wakame and hijiki), as they are high in the compound, and could give you the extra boost you need.

3) Flaxseed Anyone?

Flaxseed in a jar

Getting a little technical here… as another key factor with cellulite is the modulation of estrogen levels; then, flaxseed is great because it not only increases collagen production, but it also modulates estrogen levels (borage oil supplements can also do the trick).

Your skin’s connective tissue is comprised of collagen, the thicker your connective tissue, the less visible your cellulite will be! Try sprinkling flaxseed on your cereal, smoothies, or simply munch on them as a snack.

4) Get Hands-On with a Massage

High aerobic exercise is just what you need to break down adipocytes and liberating lipids, but if you are lacking the time, you can always do a subdermal tissue massage, though both would ultimately be best!

Such a massage would mimic the effects of exercise – brilliant! If choosing a massage cream and want to see real effects make sure it is caffeine based to help the liberation of fats and emptying of adipocytes. You could even DIY your own caffeine scrub. Scrub and massage your body in circular motions towards the direction of your heart to encourage lymph flow and circulation.

5) The Lazy yet Effective Approach  

If you’ve tried everything in the book and are still concerned about those lumps and bumps, or if you really want to speed up the process of cellulite removal, then it is advisable to give your body a helping hand with a clinically tried and proven cellulite removal treatment device.

Now, you can find these in spas or even get your very own – it is the 21st century after all! The TriPollar POSE anti cellulite device specially heats the skin causing collagen to contract, tighten and for the skin to thicken thus masking the appearance of cellulite.

The radio frequency treatment is simple to use, and will result in a smoother skin appearance – bye bye orange peel!


As you can see, there are many things you can do to fight the battle against cellulite. The best results would come from a combination approach where you combine these methods together. You might just surprise yourself and see great results!

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