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Spring Skin Cleaning with Beautiful Online

Spring is finally here and it’s hard not to smile about it! Gone are those dark and cold winter days, the sun has finally come out and fingers crossed it’s hear to stay. As the seasons change it’s important to keep your skincare routine in check. Want to know just what your skin is thirsty for this spring? Then keep on reading to find out!

1.Keep Your Skin Protected

We all know how important it is to wear sunscreen throughout the year, but with spring on the doorstep it’s important to give your skin some extra TLC. The sandals and short sleeves will be coming out the cupboard (yay!) but with that ever receding clothes line, more and more skin will be on show, unfortunatley increasing the chance for sunburns and damaging your lovely youthful skin. Be sure to keep a small travel size sunscreen in your purse at all times, making sure that it has a high SPF (30 minimum) so you can stay topped up and be sun ready 24/7. Tomato skin is not the look we are going for.

2.Get Silky Smooth Skin

You can ditch the razor bumps and time consuming (not to mention painful) waxing hair removal techniques and get yourself an at-home hair removal device. These devices are becoming the new standard in hair removal skincare. You can now get spa results without even leaving the house (who knew!?). The Flash&Go and Me Hair Removal devices offer quick and easy treatment sessions with permanent results. So what are you waiting for, summer is just around the corner?!  

3.Change Up Your Makeup

It’s time to spring clean that make up bag – chuck out all those products that you’ve had in there for God knows how long, most products need a change over every 6-12 months, so check those labels and definitely get rid of any nasty looking lip-glosses lurking about – You won’t be missing them, trust us! Spring is the perfect time to brighten up your color pallets and get some really colorful shadows going, maybe throw in some light colored lip products as well. Click here for the latest Spring makeup trends and not to mention spring-spiration.

4.Shed Some Layers!

Now is the time to get rid of those bulky winter jackets and to shed some layers! This works well for your clothes but also for your skin. Let us explain; this is where the Glo Me and Silkn Revit comes in. These at home microdermabrasion devices are the perfect tools to give your face a good old spring clean. The harsh winter air may have left your skin flakey, rough and dry, but now is the time to refresh your skin. The unique Diamond Tip of the Glo Me will suck up all that dead skin and smoothen over any rough patches, revealing fresh, smooth and youthful skin. Not only will you look and feel fresh, but make up and product application will become an absolute breeze!

That’s all for now folks. Our top 4 tips to get your skincare blitzed just in time for Spring! Do keep in mind that everyone has different skin types and therefore different skin needs. Make sure you’ve done your homework and are using sunscreens and moisturizers that are suited to your particular skin type, that way you can get the most out of your products!

Happy Spring Skin Cleaning!

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