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Show Your Feet Some Love with Silkn Pedi

The first day of fall is here! Though are skincare routines change throughout the season, one thing that should not be changing is your foot beauty care routine. Yes you heard right! We have routines for our face, body and hair but often forget about our dear feet. There is certainly nothing sexy or beautiful about dry, flaky feet – bleugh. Give yourself a feeling of well-being from head to toe. For those of you who don’t really like their feet we have a nifty gadget that might just make you reconsider.

The Silkn Pedi should be part of your perfect pedicure routine. With the Silkn Pedi dry skin remover too you can create your very own salon experience at home.

The purple roller

This roller is specifically for polishing and for use on all of those sensitive areas where the skin may not be so rough. We recommend using this setting after the turquoise roller to really make the skin seriously soft; you won’t be able to stop touching your feet after this one!

The turquoise roller

This is for all that hard skin that’s been building up on your feet over summer. All those flip-flops and walking on hot sand has likely taken its toll on your heels and toes. This roller will smooth all of that hard skin away.

How to use:

Make sure that your skin is completely dry before use. Keep in mind that the Silkn Pedi will effectively remove dry skin and calluses so you need to be prepared for mess! Consider completing your treatment over a towel or over the bath tub to make for hassle free clean up. Read the instruction manual carefully before use (it is very simple and easy to use). Finish off with a moisturizing cream or oil to give a silkn smooth finish.

Now you can get hassle free smooth and sexy feet in minutes!

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