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Permanent Hair Removal at Home? Yes It Is Possible!

Summer time is all about feeling your best, and what better way to feel your best than to look your best? With only a few weeks left of summer, the dresses and skirts are still making their appearances along with those legs on full display. Of course everyone wants to feel confident in a dress or in a bikini and being silky smooth and hair free is something that a lot of women (and some men) aspire for. If you are still using the ancient technique of shaving, or putting yourself through grueling wax sessions we are about to turn your world upside-down.

With home kit hair removal devices you can skip the spa, skip the pain and go straight to permanent hair removal in your own living room.

Josh McBride, entertainment host and lifestyle expert recently talked about the Silkn hair removal devices on KCAL9 studio in LA this month. Josh points out that the best thing about silkn hair removal devices is that you can use them yourself at home. No need waste time going to the clinic or spa and by owning your own device you can save the cash and decide when and where you do your treatments. You can even take them away on your summer vacation! 
Watch the full video here:

Is your skin suitable?

One thing to keep in mind is that silkn home hair removal devices are not suitable for everyone’s hair and skin color. The devices cannot be used on light hair colors or dark skin complexions. The Me Elos permanant home hair removal kit on the other hand is extremely unique in that it can be used on all skin and hair colors! See the color charts below to compare the two

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