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Laser Hair Removal or Waxing? Which One Is Best for You?

Waxing or laser hair removal, that is the question. Waxing is super quick and relatively inexpensive (though can work up a hefty bill if totaled over life!). Leaving a silky smooth finish that will last up to 2 weeks the only main drawback is that some stubble is needed to wax again, not forgetting the ‘ouch’ factor. Nowadays there are numerous alternatives to traditional waxing offering more permanent results…

Beautiful Online offers the latest home-use laser hair removal technology providing an alternative, less painful and permanent alternative to traditional waxing. But which is best for YOU – Waxing or getting your own laser hair removal device? Always remember that if you have any questions about any of the hair removal devices on our site or are not sure which may be best for you, you can get in touch with us and ask away (contact us on:

Is laser hair removal suitable for everyone?

It is likely that you have read that laser hair removal is best for those with dark hair and fair skin. We are here to bust this myth! Although some machines will only work effectively on those in this category, there are plenty of new modern machines such as the Me Touch that works for a much wider range of skin tones and hair colors (including those with fair hair and tanned-dark skin).

At the end of the day, both of these methods will do the job, but only one will have permanant results. With IPL (intensed pulsed light) laser hair removal machines becomming ever more popular on the market, there are many that can be found at a reasonable price (far cheaper than the spa!), for silky smooth skin forever, we think you’ll agree, it’s worth it!

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