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It’s a New Dawn It’s a New YEAR!

You know the score, it’s a New Year and most of us have made our New Year Resolutions. We tend to get a little far ahead of ourselves at this time of year setting ourselves totally unachievable goals such as; ‘get fit, give up chocolate forever’. These are a great step in the right direction, but if you truly want to keep on top of your goals and achieve results then let’s take things one step at a time. One small change that is kept over time, is far superior to a monumental change that will undoubtedly last a grand total of a few weeks (if you’re lucky).

Avoid setting ludicrous targets such as ‘no more chocolate’ (who wants to live without choccie anyway!) and make your goals more specific such as; ‘no snacking on choccie in the week, only a couple on the weekend’ or ‘switch milk chocolate for some healthier dark chocolate’. These types of goals are far more specific and much more attainable. They can easily become habit over time, increasing your chances of actually sticking to your resolutions by 50%!

Saying goodbye to another year has its ups and downs, depending on your skin care routine and sun exposure, the year may have had consequences for your skin. But fear not, because as our bodies endured yet another year of life, the skin care industry has seen some exciting new developments. Take the new L’Oreal skin patch that tells its wearers when they’ve been roasting too long in the sun. So if aging isn’t your cup of tea, at least we have the promise of evolving technology and advice to deal with it appropriately.

We need to stop asking ourselves what we could have done differently last year and channel our energy into ‘what will I do differently this year?’. If setting New Year’s resolutions is the way to keep you on track then by all means, but just make sure they are realistic and attainable rather than adding more stress into the busyness that is life.

Here’s to a New Year and all those small changes, helping to bring about healthier, happier YOU!

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