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How to Take Care of Your Curly Hair

How to Take Care of Your Curly Hair

5 Haircare Ways to Naturally Bring Out your Curls

Curls are just so very charming. Many people have naturally curly hair or wavy hair. Sometimes it feels so hard to take care of them and we just wished it was all straight and simple, but don’t get me wrong!! Although hard bad days get us, curls can be emphasized by using specific haircare techniques. Whether you wish to make your ringlets more defined or your curls less frizzy, make sure to use the right cleansing method and styling process to bring out the best of your curly style.

1. Washing your curly hair

Make sure to always use products for your type of hair. As natural curly hair tend to be drier, since the natural oils need to swing their way down to the tips, shampoo and/or conditioner for this type of hair keep your curly hair moisturized and defined.

2. Comb your hair

You can either finger comb your hair or use a very thick comb, but by no means use a hairbrush on your curls. Remember we just mentioned washing above? So, when you put conditioner on, this is the time to untangle your curls.

3. Towel Twist and Press Method

Drying your curly or wavy hair with a towel by twisting and pressing it instead of combing it is best for your hair. It won’t break as much and will not get that frizzy look.

4. Apply curl-defining lotion

Oils and serums are amazing haircare products to moisturize and nourish our hair, but if we are looking for a more defined look, then a great lotion is what we need. Argan Dew has one for you, the Restorative Treatment.

5. Dry your hair with a diffuser

Part of learning how to deal with your curls is making sure that you dry it properly. Use a diffuser to get it dry, as it break the heat even all over your hair, and minimizes the frizzy effect.

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