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How to prepare your hair for spring

Spring is here! Is your hair ready???

Although we enjoy the warmer weather come spring, it can be hard on your hair.

1. Get a haircut

The first thing you should do for a healthy looking hair is to get rid of dead ends. When you have a split end, it will start splitting more and more.

The only solution for split ends is a haircut. You don’t have to go crazy with the scisors and lose your length, simply get a tiny trim to your ends.

It is recommended to get a trim every six weeks.

2. SPF, not only for your face!

The UVA and UVB rays of the sun affect your hair, too. We recommend you’d get a shampoo with added SPF (between 10-15 SPF).

We also recommend you’d wear a hat when you’re outside. It’s a great accessory and it helps prevent the UV rays from penetrating your hair.

3. Wash your hair every other 3 days

If you’re used to wash your hair daily, it’s about time you took a break. Shampooing daily can make your hair look dull and dry.

Wash your hair every other 3-4 days, and enable it to produce its natural oils.

4. Comb your hair

There are 3 times when you must comb your hair: When you wake up, before you go to sleep and before you wash your hair.

Be gentle when combing your hair, and start from the ends and move upwards slowly. Don’t rip off your hair, it’s painful and it can cause your roots unnecessary damages!

5. Moisturize

Keep your hair moisturized with natural oils such as Argan oil. Try avoiding artificial hair products as they contain chemicals, which aren’t always good for you.

We recommend you’d use Argan Dew’s miraculous oil. Apply it on daily basis or when needed to get a silky smooth hair.

Apply protective hair oil before styling your hair.

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