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How To Get Perfect Feet

Solve your Foot Woes

So far this summer we have poured over and come up with some great guides for – a beach-ready bodysummer hair solutions, protective summer skin care, how to get rid of body hair permanently, and more. Yet somehow, we haven’t touched on the topic of feet! Seems strange given that summer is prime sandal wearing season, and our feet are on full display most of the time!

But not to worry, we are about to break it down, not only will your feet be perfect for the rest of the summer but you will have all the tools to keep them this way throughout the year.

So why is it that our feet get so wrecked during the summer, just when we need them to look their best in sandals? The answer seems to lie in the question since our feet are constantly exposed to the elements such as polluted city streets, sand, gravel, sun and more, they get more damaged than during the winter when they are cozily covered up in socks and shoes.

So how do we give our hard-working feet the love they deserve to get them not only looking but feeling their best? Let’s take a look at our Foot-care guide:

Clean Your Feet

Make sure you are starting with a blank canvas. Get rid of any nail polish that may still be on your toes, and clean your feet thoroughly. Don’t forget to clean under the nails and trim and file them if needed.

Soak Your Feet

You can do this while you take a bath or fill a basin with warm water for a relaxing soak, for extra nourishment add bath salts to the water. This will not only soften up the tough skin on your feet, but will also eliminate any odors, soothe achy feet, and prepare you for the next steps.

Push Back Your Toe Cuticles

This is easiest to do after the soak. Since cuticles often look messy, like extra dry skin, it’s best to tend to them right away. Don’t cut the cuticles as this can cause an infection or fungus. Start off with moisturizing them with oil or cuticle cream. Then use an angled stick from your pedi set to gently push the cuticles back words to the base of the nails.

Remove Dry, Damaged Skin From Your Feet

You can use the powerful, battery operated Silk’n Pedi to expertly and quickly remove the dry, flaky skin off of your feet. It has 2 rollers specifically designed to remove the damaged skin as well as polish the remaining skin for the ultimate smooth appearance and feel.

Moisturize Your Feet

To lock in the new and improved look, as well as to provide extra hydration, moisturize your feet with foot lotion every day. For extra nourishment apply a thicker layer of lotion and put on socks, this is a perfect treatment for before bed, if done repeatedly over a course of a few weeks, this will improve texture and health of your feet.

Put On Nail Polish

Of course, no foot treatment is complete without the pretty polish. Start off by taking moisturizer/dirt off of your toenails and polishing them. Then do a base coat to protect and strengthen your nails, then 2 coats of nail polish, and finish off with a top coat to protect the polish.

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