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Guide To The Best Hair Removal Options

Hair Removal Is A Chore

Out of all the beauty treatments, the least pleasant one and the one people look forward to the least, is hair removal, be it on the face or the body. And it makes sense, hair removal is typically painful and time-consuming, there is literally nothing pleasant about it, unlike most other beauty aiding processes, such as facials, which are relaxing and enjoyable.

As we see it the goal with hair removal treatments, besides getting rid of unwanted hair, should be to make them as un-offensive as possible and as infrequent as possible. Seeing as this is the desired objective, it only makes sense to go for permanent hair removal treatments, often times they are less painful and will definitely cut down, or even cut out, time spent getting hair removal treatments altogether. However, typically (but not always) these treatments will cost a pretty penny.

To be fair we will go over the most popular hair removal options, both permanent and not permanent and give our pros and cons. Let’s begin

Plucking – this method of hair removal is as old as time.

Pros – can be pretty precise, great for random stray hairs, can be done at home, in which case it is the most economical option, a good option for small areas in which case it is quick.
Cons – very time consuming, if done by self it can easily turn into a brow nightmare, if done by professionals the price can get quite steep, not a solution for large areas.

Shaving – this method is widely used by pretty much everyone for body hair removal.

Pros – can do it yourself, it can cover large ages, cheap, not much skill needed
Cons – often it irritates the skin, results are very short-lived, is the time spent shaving worth the results that only last a day or 2?

Waxing – this is a petty old method that is well known all around the world.

Pros – can do it yourself, it can cover large ages, if done at home it’s not expensive, not much skill or precision needed (on large areas), lasts longer than plucking or shaving
Cons – for smaller areas on the face it is best left to the professionals so the price can start going up, can be irritating, it is quite painful (probably the most painful of all the popular options), can have adverse effects, such as inflammation if not done correctly.

Threading- this hair removal treatment which originated in Asia and the Middle East has become common practice in the west.

Pros – best for smaller areas such as the face, it is effective at getting rid of hair very precisely, the results last longer than shaving or plucking but shorter than waxing. 
Cons – can’t do it yourself it is best left to the professionals so the price can start going up, its labor intensive and painful, can be somewhat irritating, limited duration without hair.

Light Energy Hair Removal – this method utilizes HPL (Home Pulsed Light) therapy for hair removal

Pros – produces permanent long-lasting results, very effective at removing hair, painless, can be done at home, buy once and you are set for a very long time so the price per use is very small. Here are some great options for at-home permanent hair removal.
Cons – miss out on spending countless hours and dollars removing unwanted hair using any of the other methods at home or in a salon.

Electrolysis or Laser Hair Removal – best-known salon treatments for hair removal

Pros – permanent results, very effective at removing hair, painless
Cons – can only be done at the salon, is very expensive

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