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Glide Your Way to a Hair Free World

For those of you who are fed up with unwanted body-hair and growing tired of waxing, shaving, plucking and epilating, we have just the thing for you. These methods of hair removal are old school, the future is NOW and it is time to update your ways and say hello to the Silkn Glide permanent hair removal device. Laser Hair removal through IPL methods have been a top chosen method of permanent hair removal in salons for years, but now you can bring the salon home to you!

Getting rid of unwanted hair can be a tough and tedious task. It takes time and effort, and some of the methods we use often lead to skin darkening, irritation and let’s not forget those dreaded ingrown hairs. Using the clinically proven Silkn Glide (or any method of HPL hair removal) is the perfect solution to these issues and autumn is the perfect time to start your treatment. These methods work best when the skin is at its lightest and can take a couple of months to reach desired results. Starting these methods during mid-autumn to the beginning of winter is optimal to achieve desired results.

No Accessories Needed!

If you’re looking to treat a small area we recommend getting a Silkn Glide with a lower amount of pulses (such as 30k or 50k) as fewer pulses are needed to treat smaller areas. The Silkn Glide has been carefully designed to fit comfortably in the hand making those tricky areas much easier to get to with even more control. If however, you are looking to treat larger areaswe recommend going for a larger amount of pulses such as the Silkn Glide 150, to ensure you have enough pulses to treat the whole body and be able to continue touching-up afterwards. Due to the large number of pulses included, there is absolutely no need to buy any refill cartridges later on! 

Who can Use the Glide?

Hair removal devices utilizing light pulses are not usually suitable on dark or tanned skin. However, Silkn Glide operates on a lower energy level, making it suitable for a much wider spectrum of skin tones including darker ones. It is only the darkest skin tones that cannot be treated. If an area is too dark to be treated, an inbuilt skin-color sensor will make sure that only skin that is suitable is treated. The process itself is simple and totally painless! Where professional treatments can cost $100+ per session the Glide will set you back a mere $120-$190 (depending on the model) saving you both time and money. See below to check if your skin and hair type are suitable and on which level to use the Glide.

Pulsing and Gliding

You can choose to use the original ‘Pulsing’ method to apply the treatment or the new ‘Glide’ method. The ‘Glide’ method enables you to simply glide the device over the desired area rather than having to stop and go section by section. The speed of treatment sessions has never been faster! Depending on the energy level used (ranging from 1 to 5), as well as the stage of hair growth, skin and hair color, results will vary from person to person. However, if used optimally you should see great results after a couple months of use. 

Give this device a go and see what everyones raving about! 

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