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Get Rid of Acne for Good with THIS

When it comes to acne, everyone is looking for that 1 product that not only does the job but can save time and money. Acne through all of its frustrations will inevitably mean trying many expensive creams and treatments. But what if there was one high-tech device that is all you needed to zap those zits away? The Silkn Blue will save both time and money as it puts you back in control of your acne.

Why go high tech?

For most people battling acne they will invest in a good cleanser, some specified moisturizers and try various treatments at spas. But this is 2016 and now you can skip the lotions altogether and go straight to a high-tech, FDA approved and clinically proven acne annihilator, the Silkn Blue that is. The Silkn Blue enables you to destroy bacteria immediately on the spot in one step only! According to the American Academy of Dermatology, blue-light therapy is the best light therapy for acne treatment, and that is exactly what Silkn Blue encompasses. Another huge benefit is that there is no monthly refill; it doesn’t ‘run-out’ so to speak.

How it works:

Silkn Blue uses gamma rays (blue light) combined with heat to battle your zits. The rays and heat penetrate the skin gently in a totally painless treatment that destroys the acne-causing bacteria found deep in the skin. This simultaneously dries out oil producing glands to prevent future break outs. Treatment time lasts 3-4 minutes on the affected area. 
Check out the video below for more information. 


To see results, you need to follow the treatment plan as directed in the manual. The device will begin to work its magic immediately but to see really strong results you will need to persist for a few months. This time depends on the severity of the acne. Time varies from 2-6 months. Once you have the desired results you can top-up with your device when you need it, though we recommend to continue to use it once a week to keep the oil producing glands small and keep the acne at bay.

Negative side effects

The Silkn Blue is safe and easy to use. The only side effect is that there will be some reddening of the area after use however this is temporary and will fade quickly.

Who can use it?

Anyone can use the Silkn Blue acne remover. It can be used on any skin color or texture, as well as those with mild to moderate acne. The device can be used to treat black heads, white heads and even cystic acne and can be used for both teenage break outs as well as hormonal acne on the face, chest and back area. 
Be careful however if you have very extreme acne as the device should not be used for this, if you are unsure please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team to advise you at:

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