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Fall into a New Skincare Routine

As the temperatures begin to drop, the days are growing shorter and the darkness is beginning to catch us off guard. In reaction, your skin will be changing as it loses the moisture that summer kept in so well. Your skin will become slightly temperature confused as it drifts through the seasons and so changing up your fall routine is vital for keeping your skin lush and scrumptious during this confusing transition time. A good fall skin care routine will correct any leftover damage from summer and simultaneously prep your skin for the oncoming winter. Changes don’t have to be major; a bit of fine tuning here and there will do just fine. Here are a few subtle tweaks that will brighten up your skin this fall.

Scrub a Dub-Dub!

Exfoliation is key during fall! You may have thought that this would exacerbate skin dryness, but in fact, exfoliating will remove and treat flaky skin. Try exfoliating both your face and body a couple of times a week, you don’t want to over-do it and cause further aggravation to the skin, so this should be just the right amount. You may also want to consider going to the spa for a peel tailored specifically to your skin type or even investing in your very own microdermabrasion device such as the Glo-Me, to get a deeper exfoliation and revive beautiful skin.

Spice up your Cleansing Routine

That summer cleansing routine just won’t do now. It’s likely that during the searing summer you were using gel and foaming cleansers, but as we switch over to fall you may notice the skin drying out a little more. Make sure to use a sulfate-free gel in the morning and a lotion based cleanser just before you snuggle into bed.

Skin Hydration

Lightweight moisturizers are great for those summer months when you feel like putting anything heavy on your face would simply melt off, but your skin needs some extra TLC when it comes to moisturizing as the temperature drop. If your skin is extra dry, apply both a serum and a slightly heavier moisturizer, making sure to apply whilst the skin is still slightly wet for maximum effectiveness. If however, your skin is oily, skip the serum and be sure to use a moisturizer that caters to your skin needs, be it acne, dryness or shine.

Toner is Your New Friend

Fall is a great time to add toners into your skincare routine. Alcohol-free toners are the perfect way to give your skin the hydration it’s thirsty for.

But Don’t Ditch SPF!

It may seem as though the sun is hiding, but a large amount of UV damage is incurred during fall as people begin to presume that the sun is not as ‘strong’. The UVB rays may not be as strong, but the UVA rays are just as harsh in fall as they are in summer! These are the rays likely to cause skin cancer and age the skin. So make sure to have a good SPF handy. If you don’t like the idea of slathering on SPF every day, you could subtly introduce one into your routine through an SPF foundation – fancy that!

Before you know it, holiday season will be upon us and you can walk with your head held high knowing you’re ‘skin ready’ for the coming Winter!

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