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Beard, To Keep Or Not To Keep

Confused by your man’s facial hair care? We’ve got you covered!

Have you ever watched in wonder and with a tinge of jealousy the skin-care routine of the men in your life? A splash of water, some face soap and another splash of water after, that about sums it up. Yes, that is all it seems to take! However, they pay for this effortlessness with daily facial hair care. Now, if you have watched men try to shave, trim, clip, or sculpt their daily facial hair growth all the jealousy just melts away. 

It is a labor-intensive and oftentimes irritating, both physically and mentally, procedure. There has to be a way to improve this practice and make it less irritating, maybe even less frequent. You need the sink space all to yourself anyway, you are a woman after all, and your skincare and makeup will not do themselves.

Let’s help the men in our lives and take a look at the proper way to do facial haircare:

What not to use men’s beards are very thick therefore plucking and waxing are not practical options, not to mention quite painful.

The prep – No matter the type of product that is used: a manual or an electric razor, or trimmer, or clippers, the best way to start is to apply a warm towel to soften and lift the hair bristles.

To start – Apply shaving cream for manual razors and everything else pre-shave gel for extra soft hair.

Hair removal – move the hair removing device against the direction of hair growth. The device should be held at a 90-degree angle and adjusted to smaller angle for a closer shave.

Post care – aftershave should be applied to sooth the skin.

Clippers and Trimmers – are most versatile hair removal devices for men since they allow for trimming of beards to different lengths or complete removal altogether. These Panasonic trimmers and clippers are top performers!

Other hair removal options –depilatory creams are good alternatives to shaving with similar results. The cream should be spread on the beard without rubbing it in. After some time, specified on the package, it is wiped off with a wet cloth and rinsed with water

For permanent beard removal – laser and electrolysis are options, albright expensive, but not every man would feel comfortable with such procedures.  

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